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Independent Living

Preparing for adulthood and developing independence may include moving towards independent living.  Having choice and involvement extends beyond social care to include facilities and services such as housing options, home adaptations, assistive technology, transport, employment, healthcare, education, training and welfare rights advice.

You may need support to live independently. Supporting People funds can be accessed through Stockport Homes. This provides local support which focuses on developing practical skills in managing a tenancy.  It may also extend to support with social networks and developing emotional resilience. 

This support is provided by lots of different organisations.  Each one has a particular skill but all of them can help a person to identify what the main issues are that make it hard to lead the independent life they want. This help could include managing money, shopping and cooking, finding accommodation, getting access to employment, health and education. In addition, these housing-related support services can help with returning to, or starting work, claiming the right welfare benefits, filling the relevant forms and helping you to stay safe and secure at home.

All this support is offered to assist each person to become more confident in managing their own home and to contribute to the local community in the best way they can.

You may need adaptations and equipment to assist you in living independently. Should you need further support including managing personal care you may be entitled to support through Adult Social Care. This may be appropriate if your needs are higher and are likely to be long term.

You should have a full assessment of your needs and following this process you may be considered eligible for Adult Social Care. If you do not meet the eligibility criteria you may be referred through to the Multi Agency Adults at Risk Service (MAARS).

If you are eligible for a budget through Adult Social Care there are a range of housing options within Stockport you might want to consider.  This may include:

  • Living independently with some support at key times
  • Living within the Shared Lives scheme
  • Using your budget to pool with other people to live together and purchase your support.
  • Accessing the council’s own tenancies should you have complex or high needs through referral to CTPLD Council Commissioned Accommodation Service

The aim is to enable young people to be as independent as possible and avoid creating a dependency which could have life long implications.

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