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Training and Employment

We know that young people have a real aspiration of finding and keeping a job and that some need more support than others but our aim is to offer a range of support and increase the numbers of all young people into paid employment.

Interested in getting a job?

Training to help you get a Job?

Are you aged 13 or older?

A family looking for advice?

Then this page is for you. Here you will find information, advice and a range of choices to support you in finding a job and the training you may need for your job.

Here we have:

1. Employment (a paid job):

A job maybe weekend & holiday jobs or part-time (work for a 2 days or less) whilst you are still in education and training. It maybe full time (work for more than 2 days).

A job maybe working with an employer or it maybe the choice of being your own boss called self employed.

2. Training

To give you skills and the knowledge about a job or what you need in a job.

It can be whilst you are in school, college, with a training company or with an employer such as supported internships, traineeships and apprenticeships.

You may do training when you have got a job. It may also include voluntary work.

Please also view Employment Pathway found in related links on the right.

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