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Personal Budgets/Money

Stockport is committed to the education, health, wellbeing and care of its children and young people and offers choice in the way care and support needs are arranged.

Personal Budgets are available to those with eligible needs and is an option to help people to maintain independence and control of their lives. it offers more control of what you receive, how and when and can be used instead of or alongside services arranging on your behalf.

Stockport Council and CCG provide information, advice and guidance about personal budgets and Direct Payments to raise awareness and support this option for personalised care and support.

For more information about Personal Budgets and Direct Payments please speak with your linked worker ie. Social Worker; Nurse Assessor or EHCP Caseworker or for general enquiries contact:

Educational Personal Budgets

Education, Health and Care Team

Transport Budgets

Education, Health and Care Team

Social Care Personal Budgets

Children's Social Care

  • 0161 217 6028

Health Personal Budgets

For NHS Continuing Care 0-18yrs or Continuing Health Care (18+)

For any other query about a personal health budget, contact customer services:

Wheelchair Personal Budgets

Wheelchair Service

Integrated Personal Budgets

Personal Budgets for education, health and care will be combined when there is more than one funding service. This will mean that there will be a combined Personal Budget Care and Support Plan, signed Agreement, payments into your dedicated direct payment bank account, combined audit and review.

For further in-depth information you can read the Council for Disabled Children's guide 'Making it Personal: A Family Guide to Personalisation, Personal Budgets and Education, Health and Care Plans'.

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