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Personal Budgets/Money

Information and Guidance on Direct Payments during the COVID-19 pandemic

Every child’s or young person‘s needs are unique as should be the care package they receive.  A personal budget gives children, parents/carers and young people more control to design their own tailor-made package of care.  After all who knows what a child or young person needs better than the family themselves!

Any child or young person entitled to an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan can request a personal budget. Some of this may be suitable for a direct payment giving the family the funding direct to pay for the services they think will best deliver the outcomes agreed in the EHC plan.

Families will be supported to plan how to use their personal budget, and if direct payment is an agreed option, will be helped to complete a support plan. Doing this will give the family reassurance that they are spending appropriately

The way that Personal Budgets for Children and Young People with SEND is being reviewed.

For the short term, if you want to know more about Personal Budgets and how they can support you, please visit the following links.

Click here for an in-depth guide from the Council for Disabled Children which looks at Personal Budgets and there are some case studies that show how personal budgets can be used.

If you need to contact Stockport Children’s Social Care or Stockport NHS for Continuing Care, contact information is as  below:

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