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Sensory Support Service

Welcome to Sensory Support Service. We provide specialist intervention and support to babies, children and young people who have a permanent or long term hearing loss and/or vision impairment.

We also provide advice for children who have temporary vision impairment, for example if your child needs to wear an eye patch to correct vision in one eye. Finding out that your child has a vision impairment or a hearing loss can bring about a whole array of emotions. At Sensory Support Service we know that what you need as parents or carers is guidance and support as well as unbiased, clear information that will allow you to make our own choices and decisions for your child. At Sensory Support Service our specialist team’s mission is to guide, coach and support you as well as to work directly with your child.

We work with many families in Stockport from the time of the diagnosis of their child’s hearing loss and/or vision impairment right through to when their children reach the age of 25. We are invested in the principles of co-production. This means involving you and your child as fully as we can in what we offer and provide. You and your child are the most important part of what we provide.

If you are a young adult aged 18-25 we can work directly with you. Please take a look at our ‘Preparation for Adulthood’ section on this Local Offer.

Sensory Support Service work directly with babies, children and young people in homes, nurseries and child care settings as well as schools and colleges.

We have close links with all North West NHS Trust Audiology and Opthalmology providers, and a direct referral route to our service from those health service departments.

We work in close collaboration with other agencies and professionals that you will find on Stockport’s Local Offer.

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