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SEND Week of Action November 2020

Stockport SEND Week of Action

During the week of 16-20 November 2020, we focused on raising awareness of SEND by hosting our Week of Action! Throughout the week we offered a range of webinars for parents/carers and professionals, hosted activities at the hospital. All done in co-production with our parents/carers and various organisations across the local area. will be doing as much as we can to raise awareness and have a discussion with families of children and young people with SEND to offer support.

Details of what happened during the week are set out below. Webinars that were recorded are being uploaded as soon as they are available so even if you couldn't attend, you can still learn about each topic in your own time.

The week was a huge success with lots of interaction through online meetings and on social media. We plan to go bigger and better in May 2021 and if you are interested in getting involved, please email us.

What did we do?

  • a range of webinars and activities to learn about support and good practice;
  • launched of our SEND Strategy, Co-Production Charter & Outcomes Framework;
  • one of our SEND champions promoted SEND awareness at Stepping Hill hospital to staff and families with lanyards, badges and magnets;
  • one of our colleges had a 5 minute assembly focus on SEND every day as well as setting up a buddy scheme for students with SEND;
  • there were lots of social media posts sharing inspiring stories and facts!
  • videos sharing lived experiences.

All this helps us make SEND everyone’s business!

Webinars from some of the events during the week are available below.

Working well with parents, open and honest conversations

This webinar explores proactive and practical ideas for enabling honest communications with families of children with SEND. The session was delivered by Jacqui Terry from our Learning Support Service and Viv Worsley from Stockport's SENDIASS with input from 2 Stockport SENCOs about the steps they have taken in their schools to work in co-production with parents and carers.

Webinar delivered Monday 16/11/2020.

Quality first teaching, entitlement framework and graduated approach

The webinar explains what quality first teaching is and how high-quality teaching, differentiated for individual pupils, is the first step in responding to pupil needs.

It also covers how SEN support should arise from a four-part cycle (assess, plan, Do, review) known as the Graduated Approach.

Finally, the session covers information on the Entitlement Framework and how this can support you in your role to ensure the best outcomes for our SEND children.

The session was delivered by Fiona Batchelor (Workforce Development Manager) and Jacqui Terry (Advisory SEN Teacher) on Tuesday 17/11/2020.

Running a person-centred review

View the webinar delivered by Jacqui Terry from our Learning Support Service and Viv Worsley from Stockport's SENDIASS.

Delivered on Tuesday 17/11/2020

Social care input to Education, health and care plans

This webinar explores what an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) is, our legal responsibilities in relation to EHCPs and what support is available when contributing to an EHCP.

The session will be delivered by Fiona Batchelor (Workforce Development Manager) and Paul Harper (Parents and Carers Together Stockport) on Wednesday 18/11/2020.

Co-production Webinar

This session introduces the co-production charter and how it was developed in Stockport. View the co-production webinar presented by Claire Woodford, Helen Large, and Michelle Bellis on Thursday 19/11/2020.