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Health and Well being

An important part of a young person's transition to adulthood is understanding the range of support from health care and social care services that are available to young people with Special Educational Needs and or Disabilities.  Equally important are the activities and social groups that support your people with SEND which helps promote health and well-being. 

This is a period of change for young people, but it is also an exciting time for every young person as they become more independent and have more choices and increased opportunities.  It should be a time for fun, new friends, broader learning, personal development and emerging independence.

This may also be a time of anxiety for some families.  Parents and carers are aware that their child is growing up and will soon be an adult.  There are lots of things to get used to. There are new ways to do things, which could include changes to support, changes with health care provisons, personal budgets and different ways of doing things.

There are many things that parents, carers and young people need to consider and be aware of when making the transition to adulthood.  Below you will find all the information and support in one place regarding choices and support that promote health and well-being for young people and young adults with SEND.