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Alternative Curriculum

Missing school for any reason can cause a child to fall behind in their learning and development.  One of the main functions of Services for Young People is to promote and enforce regular school attendance. This is achieved through monitoring each child’s attendance and providing support and advice to schools, the pupils and their families.

If year 10 and 11 students with SEN are struggling attending and engaging with school will make referrals to a number of services to improve teh young person's attendance. If this fails to improve attendance, school might consider an ‘Alternative Curriculum’ approach to education and learning.  School can choose to liaise with agencies who deliver more vocationally based educational packages for young pupils who are struggling to engage with school and the traditional curriculum.

An Alternative Curriculum is an individual packages of learning in which the young person spends part of their school week outside of school and engages in vocationally based learning in areas such as construction, care or sports based learning. 

Can my child access this?  Stockport has specialist providers who deliver vocationally based Education packages to year ten and eleven students with Special Education Needs and/or Disabilities.  Schools are under no obligation to use these services, it is at the school’s discretion: School also has to fund “Alternative Curriculum” placements.

Who do i speak to? If your child is struggling in school and failing to attend or engage with the curriculum, your child’s school may consider an alternative curriculum option.  If you have any questions, speak with the school SENCO: 

Please note: This is not something that the SEN panel can help with or fund, it is an agreement between school and the young person's and their family.