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Resolving Disagreements

The SEN team work with children, families, schools, CAMHS and a number of other services to meet the learning needs of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.   In Stockport, the SEN team currently have in place over 1500 Statements of Special Educational Needs and Education Health and Care plans (EHCP), delivering additional support in school.    The vast majority of these packages are working well: the child, the school and the parents/carers are happy and the child is making progress as agreed and in the EHC plan.

This page is concerned with resolving disagreements:  What can you do if your child has Special Educational Needs and you feel things don’t seem to working properly in School.   This page will guide you through the process when things don’t seem to be working Including:

  • Raising the issue with the SENCO
  • Meeting with other key professionals to identify the problems and formulate an action plan.
  • Reviewing the EHCP
  • Seek Impartial advice and support,
  • Special Educational Needs panel.
  • Making an Appeal/Tribunal if you still feel all these processes haven’t met your child’s Special Educational Needs.

The tiles below will guide you through the process SEN use when your child has Special Educational Needs and things don't seem to be workingn well in school.