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SEND Scorecard Updates and Performance

The scorecard brings together a number of measures, focussed on the different outcome categories, to help monitor our progress in achieving our SEND related objectives.

Each month (soon to be updated quarterly) we update the measures in the scorecard where new data is available.

Where we have targets/benchmarks we apply a red/amber/green rating to the measure and if the measure is rated red, an exceptions report is generated with additional detail, trends etc. using data held in the SEND dashboards or other sources (e.g. nationally published benchmarking data).

The exceptions report is shared with the service manager that is accountable for the performance and commentary is requested to help explain what is happening and what actions are planned.

A summary of the exceptions and commentary is then presented to the SEND board alongside the recently published scorecard.

The scorecard continues to develop as we refine the measures, including the introduction of new measures.