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Family Support Services- Together Trust

Together Trust provides a range of Special Educational Needs and Therapy services to enable families caring for children and young people with complex conditions, including autism and learning difficulties to get the help they need at specific times. The services offer practical solutions, help and support to ensure that families, children and young people get the best from their school and home life.

We provide:
• Autism support
• Sleep support
• Therapy services
• Disagreement resolution

Our specialist services can support you and your child to focus on ordinary life and independence skills such as self care, toileting, sleeping and eating programmes that can transform the need for ongoing carer support and help. These services deliver not just huge positive change to families but build your child’s independence skills, self esteem and confidence that will support them now and into adulthood. Help with toilet training, sleep, eating, and becoming independent makes a huge difference to family life and the possibilities for each child.

Our specialist therapy services provide direct speech and language therapy and occupational therapy to children and young people at home, school and in other environments. Therapists offer bespoke and nationally accredited training courses to professionals, parents and carers.

How do you accees this service?  We welcome contact from parents/carers and professionals who are interested in any of our services, as it gives us the opportunity to explain more about ourselves and to answer any questions that you may have.
In addition to local authority funded services, our services can be purchased by families, carers, and service users over the age of 18 or their brokers via a direct payment, individual budget, individual service fund or personal/private funds. We are also able work with brokerage services to deliver tailored packages of support to meet your budget and goals.

Contact us:  For more information you can contact us on 0161 283 4848 or visit where you can also find information for our upcoming events