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Where do you go for help if you think your child has a Special Educational Needs?

Children and young people with SEN or disabilities will usually be able to get help from their early education setting, school, or college, sometimes with the help of outside specialists. This is often where SEN are first identified.

If school identify that your child has SEN:  Your school or other setting must contact you (or, if your son or daughter is over 16, they might contact them directly) and should discuss with you what support to offer your child.  The setting must tell you if they are making special educational provision for your child.

If you think your child has SEN:  You should talk to your child’s early education setting, school, college or other provider. They will discuss any concerns you have, tell you what they think and explain to you what will happen next.

There are other sources of information, advice and support you can access such as:

  • Your local authority’s Information, advice and support service
  • Your doctor, or other local child health services
  • Charities and other organisations that offer information, advice and support

Some questions you might want to ask:  Why do you think my child has SEN or a disability? | How do you know that my child doesn’t have SEN or a disability? | What happens now?

Contact Stockport's SEN team:  If you want to contact the SEN team in Stockport you can call: 0161 474 2525  or email: or you can write to them.  Special Educational Needs Team, 48-52 Wellington Road South, Grand Central, Stockport, SK1 3TA