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Kite is a community child and adolescent mental health service for 0-18 year old children and young people who experience mental health, emotional and/or behavioural difficulties.

Kite aims to provide high quality, timely and accessible service to young people experiencing mental health difficulties and their families/carers. This may include persistent behavioural, psychological or emotional difficulties and where their character has been influenced by social care issues.

Our team works with other agencies to promote positive change and improve the overall emotional wellbeing of the young person.

Kite aims to promote a child centred service offering a range of individual, group, family interventions and consultation, depending on the needs of the child or young person.

Kite's primary focus is working with children and young people who show signs of:

  • Significant attachment difficulties or an attachment disorder
  • Difficulties as a result of neglect, sexual, physical and emotional abuse
  • Emotional difficulties due to separation and loss
  • Emotional and behavioural difficulties affecting the stability of family, foster or residential placements
  • Mood and anxiety difficulties or disorders
  • Risk taking or harmful behaviour where there is no intention of suicide.

Kite currently operates the following referral criteria:

  • Children and young people who have had a social work assessment in the last three months where the assessment indicates a need for KITE
  • Looked After children under the care of Stockport Local Authority.

Contact Us:  0161 419 2050