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Child Development Unit (CDU)

The Child Development Team (CDU) provides assessment and support for pre-school children with complex developmental problems. The team is based at The Children’s Treehouse Centre on the ground floor at Stepping Hill Hospital. Assessment, therapy sessions and most clinics will be at The Children’s Treehouse Centre.

Aims of the Child Development Unit: The Child Development Team (CDU) works with pre-school children with complex developmental differences.  We aim to:

  • Provide early identification and diagnosis.
  • Plan a range of interventions to ensure families receive appropriate support.
  • To enable children to reach their full potential.

CDU have a team of staff including consultant paediatricians, speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, specialist nurses and nursery nurses. We also work closely with:

  • Health visitors
  • Start Well
  • Portage
  • Early Years SEND Consultants
  • Educational Psychology

How will the Child Development Unit help your child?  We provide specialist assessment, therapy and support for children with a range of difficulties including cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorders and developmental co-ordination disorder.  Early intervention from a range of services will benefit your child in terms of communication, learning, speech and motor skills.

How do I access this service?  Access to the service is usually through referral from a health visitor, GP, paediatrician or other health professional. We will also accept referrals from educational psychology and from nursery teachers.

How do you refer a child to CDU?  All referrals to the Child Development Unit must be submitted on the Developmental Needs Form. Any professional who works with the child can complete the form and request this service.

The Developmental Needs Form needs to be forwarded to the Children and Young People’s Disability Partnership at requesting an assessment from the Child Development Unit.

The CDU working in partnership with other services:  The Child Development Unit work in partnership with parents & carers to understand the specific needs of each individual child. There is a clear pathway and structure through the assessment process, which is explained to families at the beginning of this process. Alongside this, written documentation and reports are given to the families to support the sharing of information about the specific needs of their child.   The Child Development Unit will liaise with many other professionals within Stockport Children’s Services.  

Who to contact

Contact Position
Senior CDU Practitioner

Where to go

Child Development Unit
Ground Floor, Treehouse Children's Centre, Stepping Hill Hospital
Poplar Grove
Hazel Grove

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