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Footsteps Clinic

Foot problems in children can result in a number of painful symptoms such as lower back pain, hip pain, knee pain, shin and foot pain which can be improved through altered foot function.  

Footsteps is a children and young people’s joint podiatry and physiotherapy service and is primarily concerned with treating problems that occur due to altered foot and leg function.   Footsteps looks at the relationship between your child’s feet and legs and their working effect on the rest of their body. We will look at the causes of your child’s altered foot mechanics and where appropriate, prescribe treatments, equipment or exercises to improve foot mechanics.  

What is the Footsteps Clinic and how will they help my child?   Footsteps is a podiatry and physiotherapy clinic based at Beckwith House in the centre of Stockport.  Footsteps will do an integrated, joint assessment in which a podiatrist and a physiotherapist will assess children and young people with complex foot and movement problems such as:  Gait Analysis, Exercise and stretching, Orthotics, Serial Splinting and Postural analysis.

When and how do you make a referral to footsteps?  Children who access footsteps are referred for a number of reasons such as:  Frequent trips and falls, Clumsiness, Intoing walking, Toe Walking and other general parental concerns.  Referrals to footsteps can be made by any professional working with the child by sending a secure email to detailing the reason for referral.  Referrals will be screened and accepted if appropriate to this service.

Outcomes: How do we help children and young people?  Footsteps clinic has a range of benefits to children and young people presenting with podiatry problem.  Footsteps: Increases mobility and ability, Prevents foot deformity and thus surgery, Increase level of comfort, Increases access to healthy lifestyles, increases early identification of more serious complaints and Improves walking pattern and decreases trips and falls.Footstep can increases self confidence and self esteem, prevent weight gain, improve posture, increase in energy levels and improve gross motor skills.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Footsteps Clinic
0161 204 4154

Where to go

Children & Young People's Disability Partnership
1st Floor, Beckwith House
Wellington Road North

Other Details


Age Ranges
0-16 unless your child attends a special school
Referral required
Referral Details

Referrals to footsteps can be made by any professional working with the child completing a Common Single Need Referral form (CSNRF) or Common Assessment Framework (CAF) form forwarded to the Children and Young People’s Disability Partnership.