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Autism Team: Eligibility criteria

The Autism team in Stockport only work with children and young people who are:

  • School aged
  • Are resident in Stockport
  • Have been diagnosed with an Autistic Spectrum Condition
  • Attend a mainstream school/resourced provision
  • Have a recently completed or updated EHA (Contact School SENCo)

If your child has a diagnosis of Autism but is in a Special School, for support you can make a referral to the Children’s Community Learning Disability Team (CCLDT).   

CCLDT work with children and young people who have a Autism or a moderate to severe learning disability aged 0 to 16 years.  A referral to the team may be appropriate if your child or young person presents with any of the following difficulties:   Sleep Problems, Continence Issues, Social-Communication Difficulties, Difficulties with Social Skills, Problems with Anxiety, General Behavioural Challenges.

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