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Special Educational Needs Panel - Summary

The SEN Panel helps to ensure that the needs of children/young people are met locally as flexibly and as quickly as possible, in an inclusive environment, while ensuring the best use of council budgets and services.

The Panel also helps to ensure fairness, accountability and transparency in the council’s decision making. The Panel carries out the following functions:

  • The SEN Panel is made up of a group of professionals who meet every fortnight in term time to discuss and advise on the best way to support children with SEN.
  • The SEN Panel makes decisions on whether to proceed with a request for an Education Health Care (EHC) assessment. The SEN Panel makes decisions on whether to issue a proposed EHC Plan or a SEND Support Plan once an EHC assessment has been completed.
  • The Panel also discusses any request for changes to the EHC plan following an annual review and whether the provision as detailed in the EHC plan remains appropriate
  • Resources are allocated to schools and settings according to individual needs. The centrally retained SEN budget is for the small minority of children and young people with ‘low incidence’ needs. These needs are long term, severe and complex. In these cases, schools still provide the first £6,000 of additional support from their delegated resources.