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Parenting Service

Welcome to the Parenting service. We provide help for parents who may be experiencing some difficulty with their child’s behaviour, for example, feeding, sleep problems, toileting, emotional distress and anxiety.

About Our Service:  Our service is offered in local community venues including Start Well Hubs and Satellites and community health buildings.

We offer parent support clinics for parents of children aged 0 – 11 years (11 year olds must still be attending primary school). Appointments last for one hour and parents can discuss their difficulties with an experienced parenting practitioner. The appointment is for parents only, it is not necessary for children to attend with their parent.

We also offer ‘Incredible Years’ parenting courses for parents of children aged 2 – 11 years (11 year olds must still be attending primary school).

The courses run for 14 weeks and offer parents the opportunity to problem solve, share and discuss ideas with other group members.

Our Expertise:  Our specialist parenting practitioners are experienced professionals with a health or social care background who have had specialist parenting training to help parents manage their child’s behaviour or sleep problem with effective strategies.

This can help parents to improve their child’s behaviour and increase their enjoyment of parenting and family life.

How to Use the Service:  To access the service, you will need a professional, such as your doctor, health visitor, child’s teacher or social worker to complete a referral form for you.

Before Your Visit:  You will be contacted by the team to discuss the appropriate clinic or group for you. You will be sent confirmation of your appointment by letter. Think about what difficulties you have been experiencing and if appropriate fill out the sleep diary and bring it to your appointment.

During Your Visit:  You will be met by an experienced parenting practitioner who will welcome you to the group or your individual clinic appointment. The practitioner will assess and record the nature of your difficulties and explore possible strategies and management with you.

After Your Visit:  Further appointments will be offered according to need.

Contact Information

Parenting Team 0161 835 6767

Central House, Grand Central, Upper Ground Floor, Off Wellington Road South, Stockport, SK1 3TA.


Clinic appointments available at

Central House

Grand Central

Upper Ground Floor

Off Wellington Road



Brinnington Start Well Hub

Westmorland Drive




Reddish Vale Start Well Satellite

Reddish Vale Road




Abacus Start Well Hub

120 Garners Lane