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Official Documents, Policy and Further Reading

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities has a number of official documents, codes of conduct and local & national documents and other legislation.  These documents can be difficult to find.  This page puts national and local documents of importance in one place so they are easy for you to find.

The page will be broken down into themed headings such as Education and learning, personal budgets, social care, early years etc.  Click on the links below to view the documents.


Care Act 

Council for Disabled Children.

Direct Payments Policy.

Early years and Childcare

Education and Learning

Children and Young People's Health

Independent Living

Independent Support

Leisure and Activities

Mental Health

  • Improving children and young people's mental health in Stockport.
  • Improving children and young people's mental health in Stockport (Summary document).

NCB (National Children's Bureau)

Personal Budgets

SEND reforms information Packs

Social care and the Rights of Children

Training and Employment


Young People