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Published Feedback: What you have said, what we have done

If we are to continually improve the Local Offer feedback from parent, carers, young people and professionals is essential.  In this page you will find what people have said about the Local Offer, and what we have done to address what you have told us.

The most recent entries will appear at the top of the page:

We have tried to give a snapshot of what people have said, rather than publishing what they have said word for word.

What you have said, what we have done.

December 2019:

Click here to read feedback and comments about children's therapy and health services in Stockport. 

The website looks great, very clear and easy to follow.  I particularly like the Education and Learning Section and explanation of the local offer, think this will be very helpful to parents.  Will this page be accessible through mobile apps?

Response:  Aware of the need to be mobile enabled, currently considering options for this.

The Local offer looks really good and is really easy to navigate through and find information without having to read through pages of stuff that you don’t want to know!  It is easy to read and the language is clear and free from jargon – where terms are used that may not be known to parents a glossary is available which is really useful.  The presentation of the local offer is great with nice bright colours and pictures that make it inviting.  The information is comprehensive with some really useful links for parents and professionals to use if they need to contact services.  On the whole I think this will be a really useful resource for parents and professionals, if we can get a link to all schools individual offers that would be really useful for our service as we could signpost parents to look at what school say they are providing.

It is easy to navigate around the site and the coloured boxes not only makes it more appealing it also allows you to find the information you need without having to trawl through lots of data. It provides the relevant information in a user friendly way.   The only improvement I could comment on is I have tried this on my mobile phone and some of it works and some of it doesn’t. It if was all accessible on a mobile this would make it even more accessible to all.

Response:  Changes have been made to the Local Offer to make it more mobile friendly, but it is not yet fully mobile enabled and this is something that is being addressed.

The local offer homepage is engaging and bright. The images support the content appropriately and convey our positive attitude about the young people we support. The information within the pages is clear and up to date. The local offer goes a long way to de-mystifying support services for parents and young people and is a useful tool for professionals.   The website needs to be fully mobile enabled, at the moment when viewed on a mobile device certain pages have links missing and it doesn’t work as it should

The local offer looks great and is really easy to navigate round and is nice and clear and user friendly.  I liked the suggested links / further information links on the side of the pages – I find them very useful as a signpost to other bits of information and links that I might otherwise not have found or thought of.

As I was working through it I found that some links open as new tabs and others just move on to a next page, so I found it a little confusing sometimes having to click back and other times, having to close lots of open tabs. I personally prefer to keep things in one tab and navigate using the back button.

I think that perhaps adding a contact link (not necessarily a direct email or phone number but maybe an office number or inbox) to the specific agency / department when you click on their individual link might help (transport for an example) it seems to be on some and not others. 

Response:  Opening new tabs:  This has been flagged up in the design of the local offer.  Having tabs that open enables the user to compare and contrast pages without clicking back and forth.  For example in Education, a user might be comparing 4 or 5 school offers at the same time.  Only being able to click back and forward restricts this capability. 

Regarding contact links:  The Local offer is still a work in progress and will be addressed.  This is dependent on individual service. Some can be contacted directly and some go to a generic email where they are forwarded to the appropriate service.

Fab website with lots of useful information, layout is great and I find it very easy to navigate around the site! A few parents have mentioned that they have found our service through this website and have also recommended to other parents to look on it for more info on services,

I like how easy it is to navigate around the pages and how the text has been summarised into key points with pictures.  I also like how there are related links on the side of the page.  Viewing the Local Offer on a mobile device it doesn’t work as well.  The layout changes and some information are lost such as phone numbers and related link.  Will the local offer be fully mobile friendly?

Response: The local offer is now fully mobile enabled and works on all mobile devices and tablets.