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Direct Payments and Personal Budgets

What is a Direct Payment?  A Direct Payment is funding which is paid direct to you from the Local Authority to buy services as agreed in your support plan.

Who can request a Direct Payment? A child’s parent, young person (over 16) or person nominated in writing by you to act on your behalf may request a Direct Payment if the child or young person is in receipt of social care funding made available through disabled children social care short breaks budgets.

What it can be spent on?  A Direct Payment can be spent on anything agreed in the Support Plan which may include:

  • Access to local community and groups.
  • Access to a variety of short breaks
  • Personal Care
  • Day Trips/activities
  • Personal Assistants

What it can’t be spent on? The Support Plan details how a Direct Payment will be spent. It cannot be spent on anything other than goods or services which reinforce the outcomes of the plan including:

  • Anything which does not benefit the child or young person it is meant for.
  • Anything illegal or adult activities such as alcohol and gambling.
  • To pay household bills or purchase household items.
  • To fund activities or services for anyone else.
  • LAC placements or long term residential or nursing care.
  • You must always discuss a change in your/your child’s support needs with your designated support officer before making any decisions to reallocate funds.

How do i request a Direct Payment.  Speak with your child's social worker or the contact centre 0161 217 6028.  All requests for Direct Payments require an updated EHA or CAF and a personal budget plan.  New requests are considered by the short breaks panel who meet on a monthly basis to discuss and review new and current packages of support.

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