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Artism UK

Artism UK believes that there is a need for providing support for people with a talent in the arts to help them showcase their work and provide a safe environment for them to carry out their work.I also believe that this could develop into a self-financing venture so that if successful it will not stop because of cuts to funding which is often the case.

The vision we have for the future is for an inclusive artist studio and gallery for professional and amateur artists, including people on the autistic spectrum. The studio would be a place where individuals with ASD could mix with like-minded individuals and I also believe that this could help to reduce the sense of social isolation many individual adults with ASD experience and also provide an opportunity for them to improve social skills. The funding could be raised from renting out the studios and gallery therefore allowing people without the financial means to be able to access a studio to work in. My hope would be that this would lead to more opportunities for others who may not have the artistic talent but skills in other areas around running the gallery, reception work, research etc the list could be endless. So there is a choice, sit back and complain or stand up and get involved.

Artism Uk are running the following activities you might be interested in:

Artismuk open studios every Thursday and Friday, 11-4pm. This is a drop in session where artists can come and use the studio to work on their own projects. There is no charge for using the open studio facilities.

Manga Drawing Group every other Saturday from 14th February. This will be run by an Artismuk member and is aimed at people with aspergers and high functioning autism. The group is for people who are interested in this style of art, and offers a chance to socialise. No charge.

MyTime –for parents and carers to work in a group or individually on their own projects. The plan is to run this every other Wednesday and if you are interested, please get in touch with Brin and he will arrange a start date. There is no charge.

Art and drawing classes; writing and drama – for small groups or on an individual basis. Depending on Numbers, there would be a small charge of around £5 to pay for tutors.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity contact Brin Morris via the contact us page or via twitter: Twitter @artismafloat

Who to contact

Contact Name
Brin Morris
Contact Position
project co-ordinator

Where to go

Seven Miles Out
20 Market Place

Local Offer