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Local offer Review and Re-development

Here you will find the information about how the Local Offer will be further developed, in co-production with parents, carers and young people.

As part of the worked required to deliver our Written Statement of Action  Priority 3.4 is to review the Local Offer and improve its impact on the lived experience for families in Stockport.

The review will be co designed by families, the Parents in Partnership Service (PIPS), the Local Authority and the CCG. Over the next few months a number of opportunities to be involved will be advertised here and via a number of other routes. These are likely to include:

Focus groups: (where Children and Young People, Parents/Carers and SEND professionals - from health, social care and education services) will be consulted with to gain their views of the current local offer.

User testing: where individuals are asked to undertake a number of tasks on named test sites to compare how easy to use the Local Offer sites from a number of different local authorities

Online consultation: includes aspects of the above to allow more people to contribute who could not attend the events.

Click here to register your interest in being involved in this process.

September 3rd 2019: SEND local offer update: Sub-group meeting

Who was there:
Representatives from the council (including the Digital by Design team who are supporting the Local Offer Review and colleagues from Stockport Family), a parent who is also a Chair of Governors, Stockport’s Parent Carer forum PiPs (Parents in Partnership), SENDIASS (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information Advice and Support Service). We will be catching up and getting feedback from other colleagues from the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust and a Headteacher who were unable to make this meeting.

What we Did:

  • We focused on mapping all the one-off and recurring events happening in Stockport which could provide an opportunity for further research with parents and young people to produce a draft “engagement timeline
  • Reviewed all the ways in to the local offer (eg. from word of mouth, from another website), and what actions people might take after (contact someone, print something)
  • We had a discussion around the benefits and challenges with social media and how we might better include this in our local offer strategy
  • We started to think about how we might ‘measure’ success beyond basic figures like total number of website visits.

Key outcomes/actions:
1. Reviewing the events and drop-ins identified and confirming which research activities will be done where/when/and with who (from now until December). Make sure we are speaking to a diverse range of parents and young people through the events we target.

2. Continue to work on our measures i.e. How do we know we are creating a successful local offer? Understand what data we need in order to keep track of improvements, both from a council and a parent/young person perspective.
3. Investigate how other councils integrate social media into their local offer and how they manage the community.

4. Continue to monitor/encourage responses to the staff survey. Start addressing some of the main issues around staff knowledge and awareness of the local offer through learning/training sessions.

August 13th 2019:  SEND local offer update: Sub-group meeting

Who was there:
Colleagues from the Digital By Design team within the council are now supporting the sub-group and the local offer improvement work. We did a round of introductions to get to know each other, what role people will play in this work, and what we bring to the table.

What we Did:

  • Reflected on where we are now and what approach we can take together to improve the local offer by end of September (when recommendations need to be reported back to the Department of Education) and beyond.
  • An activity to review what we already know about the Local offer from all the feedback we have had (eg. the local offer needs to be ‘marketed’ more, amount of information can be overwhelming), and what is still unknown (eg. what do people do/look at before and after they use the Local offer) and we therefore need to find out.
  • Discussed who the key users of the local offer, why they use it and what that might mean for organising/designing the Local Offer. For example, staff/professionals may only need a high level awareness of it in order to signpost people, but a parent with a recently diagnosed child will be looking for specific information eg. booking a haircut for my autistic child. 

Key outcomes/actions:
1. We will create an action plan to continue engaging with parents and young people either at upcoming events/groups or when they are e.g. waiting for an appointment. This will help us answer some of our unknowns and give us an opportunity to do more focused/specific activities with people.

2. We need to further understand how people currently use the Local offer website and the Stockport council pages related to SEND by using analytics (data telling us which information is/isn’t read, how often it’s used, where people click, what people search for etc.)

3. We need to make decisions around which parts of the current local offer are the ‘essentials’ that all users need, and where this information should live.