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MASSH: Multi Agency Safeguarding and Support Hub

The Multi-Agency Safeguarding and Support Hub (MASSH) is the single point of contact for:

  • Support and Advice, including SEND support, early help advice and non-urgent emotional wellbeing & mental health needs.
  • Safeguarding referrals to protect children, young people or adults from harm, abuse or neglect.

What services form Stockport's MASSH?

  • Stockport Family Children’s Social Care
  • Stockport Family Early Help
  • Greater Manchester Police
  • Pennine Care
  • Health
  • Education Welfare
  • Stockport Homes
  • Stockport Family Missing From Home Hub

Anyone can make a referral and/or request advice from the MASSH including:

  • Self-referral by a young person
  • Parents and carers
  • All health professionals
  • All social care professionals
  • Education professionals
  • Police
  • Anyone who works or comes into contact with a young person

Referrals made by professional

The best way to contact the MASSH  is through the online form so the MASSH can gather all the information we need, however you can also contact the MASSH on 0161 217 6028.

  • select option 1 to tell us about a concern about a child’s welfare
  • select option 2 to request support and/or advice about early help, SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities), emotional wellbeing/mental health support for a child

Referral by members of the public

If you're a member of the public who has a concern about a child’s welfare, you should ring 0161 217 6028, select option 1.

If you are a parent or carer seeking support and/or advice about early help, SEND, emotional wellbeing/mental health support for your child, you should ring 0161 217 6028, select option 2.


Any professional making a referral on behalf of a young person must gain the consent of the young person’s parent or person with parental responsibility or from the child/young person, where appropriate. It is the responsibility of the professional making the referral that they check with the parent and/or young person that they agree for their information to be shared with MASSH services, as required and appropriate. Please reassure them that the process for sharing information is safe and secure.

Information without consent will only be accepted by the MASSH if the information being shared is of an immediate safeguarding concern and that accessing consent may increase the risk of harm and/or delay for the child/young person.

What happens when information is received by the MASSH?

Stockport’s MASSH will respond to referrals and notifications requesting support and/or safeguarding needs for a child. For some children and young people there may be a need for the MASSH need to consider the safety and welfare of the child due to the nature of the referral, a social work team within the MASSH leads such enquiries.

For referrals requesting or identifying non-urgent support for children and families relating to early help, SEND, emotional wellbeing/mental health onwards enquiries are led for the early help team within the MASSH.