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Pure Innovations: Projects and activities

Pure Innovations are a values led, creative organisation and our objectives are to promote independence, increase choice and provide appropriate support to people to enable them to make the most of their capacity and potential.

We open up opportunities and unlock the potential of those with a defined need or goal but cannot get there by themselves.

We are passionate at creating opportunities for independence, changing perceptions and championing ambition, determined to make a positive difference to individuals and to the community.

We work with people with:

  • Learning disabilities:  
  • Autism: 
  • Asperger’s syndrome: 
  • Cerebral palsy:
  • Mental Illness:  
  • Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties (BESD):

Pure Innovations run a number of activities for young people including accredited learning, animation, Art Courses, Catering, Greenspace, Health and Well-being and Media.  You can find out more about these activities in thier brochure or watch a video clip of this project and activities.