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Co-production Week England 2020 (6th - 10th July)

Co-production Week, started by SCIE (Social Care Institute for Excellence) in 2016, is about highlighting the benefits of working together positively. It is about sharing good practice, learning from one another, making connections, and emphasising the importance of fully involving people who use services and carers in developing better public services. With all the work going on within our SEND programme, we thought this year would be a start of many years to come where we celebrate, share and learn ways of good practice.

We have worked with a range of key partners such as our Parent Carer representatives and NHS colleagues to work up a schedule of webinars, information and activities for you to get involved in.

For details of webinars and how to book or join, please download our schedule of activities here.


If you have an example of where co-production has worked well, please get in touch. Let’s think about how we could share this during National Co-production week.

Send Improvement Journey: Our Approach to co-production

Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) undertook a joint local area special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) inspection between 24th and 28th September 2018. The inspectors identified five specific areas of significant weakness requiring the local area to produce a Written Statement of Action (WsoA) to explain how it was going to address this.

Click here to read the full written statement of action (WSOA)

One of the main area’s of development around progressing our approach to the WSOA, was the need to ensure that ‘co-production is the ‘golden thread’ running through all activity and tasks. As co-production was identified as a significant area of weakness our strategies and actions must involve a broader span of parent, carers an young people in meaningful co-production and this key component of work has been assigned to a unique workstream with the SEND programme.

Immediately, following inspection, Stockport put a plan in place to swiftly addressess idenitified deficits relating to co-production with our parent/carer community and this reulted in a series of engagement and participation activities. This was further enhanced as we recruited to the Strategic Participation Leader to further develop opportunities.

Co-production Charter

In Stockport, our vision is for all children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) to have the best start in life. We want all children and young people to be happy, prepared for adulthood and able to achieve their goals. We want families to feel supported, confident, resilient and connected to their community.

Our SEND Strategic Priorities outline that we will work pro-actively and co-productively with parents, carers, young people and other partners to improve service planning, design, delivery and review and to ensure services are child, young people and family focused.

To strengthen our co-production locally, and in response to an area of weakness identified during our Local Area Inspection in September 2018, a local, working definition of co-production was developed by parents, carers, education, health and social care colleagues and young people. Stockport’s definition is:

Co-production happens when all voices are actively listened to from the start of the planning process. This involves a mutual respect for each other’s views, with an open and honest relationship that is transparent and continually evolving to achieve meaningful and positive outcomes.

In our Written Statement of Action, which sets out a number of actions to address weaknesses identified through the inspection, it was also stated that a core set of co-production principles (or values) would be agreed across the SEND community and a Co-Production Charter would be developed based upon the agreed values.

Stockport’s Local Area Co-Production Charter has been co-produced with families, children, young people and health, care and education colleagues. The Charter has been designed to help anyone do co-production, whether you are new to it entirely, or have years of experience. The Charter is about the way we will all work together to create a culture where we will all:

  • Be Open and Honest
  • Actively Listen
  • Value the Lived Experiences
  • Do What Matters
  • Be Accountable and Responsive
  • Work Together
  • Be Respectful

Read the full Co-production Charter here