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The Outcomes Framework

In Stockport, our vision is for all children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) to have the best start in life. We want all children and young people to be happy, prepared for adulthood and able to achieve their goals. We want families to feel supported, confident, resilient and connected to their community.

We have worked together with parents, carers, young people and workforce across the local area to co-produce a set of Outcomes that we all want to achieve for children and young people. These are set out in our Outcomes Framework that was launched in November 2020.

The agreed statements are:

  • I feel Safe
  • I feel part of my local community
  • My voice is heard and acted upon
  • I enjoy good health and wellbeing
  • I am happy and have people I can trust
  • I am confident and able to reach my goals
  • The people who love and care for me are enabled to do this


In 2018 Ofsted and CQC reviewed our SEND services and Council and CCG were required to provide a Written Statement of Action to address areas for significant improvement. One key area was the need to work more closely with parents, families and partners to ensure that the local SEND services continue to meet the needs of local communities.

It was clear we had not engaged closely enough with local families and our partnership working needed strengthening. 

Our joint ambition was to meaningfully engage and co-produce with families and young people on a range of changes, including the development of an Outcomes Framework.

Stockport has been working with CDC under the DfE’s Delivering Better Outcomes Together – learning from best practice across England.


Building on more than 1000 comments gathered from the family listening events and input from professionals, the Co-Production Task and Finish Group developed a graphic illustrating:

  • What really matters to families
  • How do we change?
  • The benefits of ‘doing what matters’.

The Task and Finish Group also developed a Co-Production Charter and Co-Production Strategy, with the involvement of children and young people.

Developing the Outcomes Framework and Statements (Support from CDC)

CDC has currently delivered two multi-agency workshops, including parent carers, on the development of the Outcomes Framework and Statements in Stockport.

  1. Sharing best practice from across the country, developing the draft statements and holding initial conversations on data and impact measurement.
  2. Further exploration of data and impact measurement, and action planning for next steps, with a focus on qualitative data.

In between the two workshops, in recognition that children and young people’s perspectives often differ from adults’, Stockport established and consulted with the SEND Young Ambassadors. We asked them:

  • Which of the draft statements were important to them
  • What do the statements mean to them as individuals
  • How they would like to phrase the outcomes statements

This resulted in a number of changes to better reflect the outcomes valued by children and young people, resulting in the statements above, which they chose to represent in a circle.

We are now exploring how we will measure whether or not we are meeting these outcomes for individual children and young people and at a local area level. If you would like to be involved in this work, please email