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New Strategic Lead for Autism in Stockport

Cheryl Knupfer - Strategic Lead for Autism in Stockport

Hi my name is Cheryl Knupfer and I have just been appointed as the new  Strategic Lead for Autism, here in Stockport. 

I previously managed Stockport’s Autism Team for fifteen years so I feel like I am aware of the gaps and have many ideas of how to make improvements.

I know how important co-production is.  I see you, parents/carers as the experts living and breathing SEN 24/7 so I am keen to work with you to make the changes that are required.  I also intend to listen and capture the views of individuals with Autism.

What I want to achieve together: I want to make Stockport a great place for people with Autism to live, attend school, access their local community and get a job.  I need your help to help me to make changes to make this happen. 

What is important to me…that together we raise awareness and help others to make changes. I will ensure that I give you regular updates regarding the plan.

The Job:

  1. To get a services to work together
  2. To listen to individuals with Autism and their families to understand what the problems are suggest ideas to make things better
  3. To create an all-age Autism Strategy with a clear plan for Stockport to support people with Autism where we make these changes happen to help people Autism have better outcomes
  4. To re-establish the Autism steering group with a new task and finish groups to ensure we deliver our plan
  5. To develop a new neurodevelopmental pathway, offering early help and support, intervention and training to families, school and professionals

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