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Hours update in EHC plans

8 October 2021

We are aware that this did not address the key issue strongly and clearly enough in relation to hours in section F of plans. 

We want to be very clear that we understand our statutory duty in regard to the code of practice and that plans will clearly have hours detailed in section F as it states in the code of practice: 

“Provision must be detailed and specific and should normally be quantified, for example, in terms of the type, hours and frequency of support and level of expertise, including where this support is secured through a Personal Budget”

We are clear that hours should and will be specified in Stockport EHCP plans. 

We have now picked up that there has been a clear practice issue in the last few months. This mainly relates to amendments following annual review. Due to pressure issues we have gained further support in completing amendments through an agency. It appears that for some family’s hours have been taking out section I, as appropriate but not then specified in section F. We will rectify this situation by issuing new plans to those effected. We completely understand the level of upset and frustration this has caused. We apologise for this and will make it right. 

In terms of new plans we are clear we will work with our parent/carers, schools, and other agencies to ensure that provision is specified in section F 

We would like to apologise that the communication on this matter had not been clear enough and we will reflect on this with service leads. If you have any additional queries, then please email:

Yours faithfully,

Tim Bowman (Director of Education) & Bev Milway (Stragic Lead for SEND and Inclusion)

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