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Transition Guidance and Helpful Resources for Early Years Settings and Schools

Preparing children and young people for transition during Covid-19

Over 50 people, including partners from schools, education services, Stockport family, health services and parent/carers  have been working hard behind the scenes to co-produce set of transition guidance papers and resources. We hope that this guidance will help provide a meaningful and smooth transition for all CYP across Stockport. This information has been shared with schools and settings to provide support and a guide in relation to good practice. It is then the schools decision on how they manage transition with you as families, but it is hoped the resources where used may support this process.

Working parties linked to the key transition phases were created; these working parties have initially focussed on the COVID 19 response to transition, considering specific actions that need to be carried out remotely. In addition, the guidance explores what transition support may be needed for those children and young people needing a more targeted approach, including those with SEND. This means considering a graduated response to transition which recognises that different levels of support will be needed. 

The resources developed (found in the drop down menus below) include support and advice for settings, schools and parents/carers which we hope will help you to feel empowered and supported through the transition process, ensuring a human response, following the rupture and possible trauma during the COVID-19 situation.

* These Resourcesreamin relevant for 2022 transition but will be revised in the coming months *

Nursery to Reception Transition

Year 6 to Year 7 Transition

Year 11 to College Transition

Autism & Transitions

If your child has a diagnosis of Autism, is known to the Autism team and is at a mainstream school, the Autism team will co-ordinate the transition along with the current school and the school which the child is transitioning to.   

This will involve a Transition Review meeting with parent/carers, the young person and a representative from the school which the young person is going to transition to.  The meeting will discuss what the child’s Autism needs are and how the new school can best meet the child’s needs and aspirations.   

Depending on the needs of the child, the school will arrange one or a number of school visits to meet staff, have a look round the school and become familiar and comfortable with the setting, to manage the transition effectively. 

The School may also use additional material such as booklets and visuals to support the child and family, depending on the child’s individual needs. The Autism team will help with transitions whether your child has an EHC plan or not.

If your child has a diagnosis of Autism and is not known to the Autism team, you can make a referral for support from this service by the school SENCO updating an Early Help Assessment.

Useful Resources to Support Transition

Resources from the Guidance - Specifically for Parents/Carers