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Personals Budgets & Travel Assistance

A Personal Travel Budget (PTB) is provided to parents or carers of children and young people with Special Educational Needs (SEN) who are eligible for travel assistance. It allows families to make flexible arrangements, monitor the quality of their child’s transport directly or they could work with other families to achieve the best possible travel arrangements for their children.

Personal Travel Budgets will help you to arrange your child’s home to school travel arrangements in a way that suits your personal circumstances. It is a payment designed to help you make any arrangements needed, which will enable you to facilitate your child accessing school.

You would use the budget to ensure your child attends school every day and is able to arrive on time and in a fit state to learn. For example, it can help towards covering the cost of running a family car or arranging with another member of the family or friends to assist with childcare enabling you to make the journey.

What are the benefits of a Personal Travel Budget?

  • It provides freedom and flexibility for your family to choose the most appropriate travel arrangements for your child that best fit your personal circumstances
  • It provides choice and control over how funding is used to get your child to and from school on time in a way that suits you, your child and your family.
  • It ensures resources are distributed in a fair way according to need
  • It allows you to explore opportunities to share with other parents and potentially increase your buying power
  • It offers families an alternative to the traditional services that the council can provide.
  • It provides parents with a direct link to the school and more frequent opportunities to discuss a child/young person’s progress with teachers that they may not have previously had.

Who can be considered for a Personal Transport Budget?

A Personal Transport Budget (PBT) is available to children and young people with an EHC plan and who have been assessed as eligible to receive home to school transport. The PTB is granted at the discretion of the Local Authority and is not automatically granted on request. There is no automatic right to receive a PTB in place of alternative transport assistance, which you may have been offered,

Parents/carers seeking to access the PTB must be found to be eligible for transport assistance being considered for a PTB.

How much would I expect to receive?

The amount of money that is awarded is based on the distance between your home and the school your child attends. The distance measured is based on the safest walking route.

Would I receive the Personal Transport Budget until my child finishes at the school they attend?

The PTB is not guaranteed until a child leaves the school they were attending when you first applied and received your PTB. It will be reviewed on a regular basis and the Local Authority will review your child’s attendance records and will also take into account the current transport arrangements that may be provided by the local authority at that time.

At least annually, the review will evaluate whether it remains cost-effective to be provided and new transport options may mean this is no longer the case.

What can I spend the Personal Transport Budget on?

The PTB can be spent in a variety of ways, as long as your child gets to and from school on time and in a way that ensures their safety, encourages attendance and does not negatively affect their ability to learn once they are at school. Some ideas of how you can spend the PTB include:

  • Purchasing a travel pass for yourself or a trusted adult to accompany your child on public transport
  • To cover fuel costs or wear and tear on your car
  • Paying other people to take your child to school or college when you can’t
  • Arrange shared travel arrangements with other parents, such as shared driving responsibilities, walking buses or joint taxi arrangements

Overcoming barriers that may prevent you from accompanying your child to school, e.g. travel/childcare arrangements for siblings

Will it have an impact on other benefits?

No. Personal Travel Budget’s have no impact on any other benefits you might receive.

How do I apply?

All applications for a Personal Travel Budget should be made to the travel co-ordination team

Contact details:

Travel Co-ordination Service


Tel: 0161 474 2504